Travelling – A visit to Turkey

Of all the places I visited, I liked Turkey the most for its natural beauty, history, architecture, people and culture. Istanbul Airport had a very small premises on my first visit in 1995; coming out of the building after completing the entire formalities (collecting the baggage and completing the immigration formalities) took us a little more than one hour; it took longer than usual because we were a group and had to complete immigration clearance as a group and all of us had to move together.

We visited two cities in Turkey: Istanbul and Antalya; both places were entirely different in terms of ancient history, civilization and culture, but both were so captivating and rich in historical aspect that you got fully absorbed in the place. In Istanbul, the palaces of the last rulers of the Ottoman Empire have been converted into museums that display Islamic history.

Our first stay was at Antalya, a place that had been the centre of ancient history and beyond. The guide told us that the Romans returning from the Trojan War settled there; some of the signs indicating their presence included the Roman Baths and the amphitheater. One of the fascinating sights is to view where the Mediterranean and Black Sea meet; you can see two colors of water join in a straight line. Turkey also serves as dividing line between east and west, the two continents Europe and Asia. 

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